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Tales of the Earth makes beautiful gardens. And we write about the sacred landscapes that inspire them.

Entering the Tales of the Earth website, passing through the mysterious oculus – the eye of the temple dome – then making your way through our garden images, you may find yourself seduced with enchantment.

We call them Gardens of Silence . . . and the Unbearable Lightness of Space.

Gardens by Tales of the Earth are poetically endowed with beauty and meaning. With good reason, simply –

The design process opens an arena of unpredictable mystery. It truly leads to wonderful results. Working closely with you – be you individual client, spiritual centre or city mayor – we listen carefully to assure that personal intentions, requirements and dreams are met, as well as those of the landscape and community for which you wish to provide. Collaborating with design and construction colleagues, we design and build captivating landscapes that provide for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We seek strong, ecologically sound relationships between the natural and social landscapes. Our focus is on providing quality rather than quantity. Whether a few metres square or many hectares; square feet or square miles (yes, our urban plans have won awards), we design beautiful and engaging gardens and community settings that can change people’s lives. Creating landscapes beckoning to embrace you.

Taken to the next level, Tales of the Earth creates gardens of the spirit and the sublime. Speaking to the deepest parts of the soul, our work is inspired and guided by the special signs and qualities of those sacred sites to which we travel on pilgrimage – places that deeply affect us. We design intimate, community and regional landscapes for all types of uses alike using analytical and esoteric principles and practices that transform lands, waters and skies into sacred spaces and powerful places, pathways to making the most remarkable landscapes. We create landscapes for reflection, meditation and dreams – the kinds of landscapes where you are most aware of being present; where you feel most alive.

Gardens as Tales of the Earth; gardens as Tales of the Soul. This is what we do.

Landscape, Beauty and Spirit . . . Spoken in the Same Breath

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